Guide to Corporate Sustainability

Lays out five defining features of corporate sustainability, which the Global Compact asks businesses to strive towards – looking at why each element is essential, how business can move forward and what the Global Compact is doing to help. (2015) More here.

Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership within the Global Compact

The Blueprint is a model for leadership within the Global Compact, designed to inspire advanced performers to reach the next level of sustainability performance. It identifies criteria for leadership practice in three distinct but overlapping dimensions: (i) integrating the ten principles into strategies and operations; (ii) taking action in support of broader UN goals and issues; and (iii) engaging with the UN Global Compact; as well as cross-cutting components. (2010) More here.

Architects of a Better World: Building the Post-2015 Business Engagement Architecture

Illustrates the main building blocks necessary to enhance corporate sustainability as an effective contribution to sustainable development, creating value for both business and society. Each of these building blocks must be further strengthened and connected through a comprehensive and collective effort if they are to help take corporate sustainability to scale and turn business into a truly transformative force in the Post-2015 era. Individual companies, corporate sustainability organizations, Governments, investors, business schools, civil society, labour and consumers all have a role to play in scaling up business action, and should be able to identify those areas in which they need to do more. Developed in alliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD). (2013) More here.

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